Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 148: Dalmation mice.

My flatmates and I are having a party. Our theme is Wes Anderson movies (you come as your favourite character) and we have decided to go to town on house decorations. In addition to other top secret items, I need to source around maybe fifty white mice, probably not living ones (or dead ones either). Let me rephrase: I need to source fifty fake white mice (pretend ones, you dig? Cool. Moving on.). Anyone got any ideas on where one might find said items? I suppose a Google search wouldn't be the silliest idea in the world. But being an exceptionally lazy humanoid, I have reverted to type and asked the question before doing even a smidgen of hunting on my own. Forget about it. I'll take care of the mice. What's interesting from an alcohol perspective is that the last party we had at our house was insanely boozy. The scene at the end of it was dominated by seas of empty bottles (that people kept systematically sorting through to try and locate any remaining alcohol - a stray botsa that hadn't yet been guzzled? At 3am? Yeah right.) and punctuated by one bathroom covered (like totally) in vomit. Whee. Will this party be any different? Well for one, I should look a little less cross-eyed in this batch of photos, and for another I won't wake up with a hangover (unless I get one from overexposure to the alcohol fumes coming off everyone else). But a very large proportion of the guests will be going about their party business as usual... Well, it should be entertaining anyway. I will also be doing one tray of sweet lime without alcohol, for me and whichever kiddywinks decide to attend. Oo damn, there goes another classified party prop secret.

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