Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 126: all about Arms.

Of a busy working day in an advertising creative department, it's good to have the odd distraction to help rest your brain, give you a little fresh stimulus and keep you from dozing off. In my current department we have one of these: a man called Arms. Arms makes coffee at a cafe stand in a sort of indoor/outdoor atrium down the road from our office. He makes a very good long black, and, as his name suggests, sports a fetching set of upper limbs. My art director Ryan and I cannot decide whether Arms is gay or straight. His attention to bicep upkeep and tightness of tee would suggest gayness to me, but Ryan assures me he has caught Arms looking at me and at other accompanying females in a mildly appreciative fashion. Seeing as Ryan is a gay man himself, I should probably trust his gaydar. Either way it doesn't matter. Whenever we get a window, or need some "refreshment", we pay Arms a visit and spend a moment or two doing some appreciation of our own. And every time we skip away happier and lighter for our brush with this pretty man. Does Arms know he has this affect on us? If he does he's not giving anything away. In fact he's not even actually my type (Lord knows what is). But sometimes just enjoying the good bits of the people you encounter - like a good set of arms - is what life's all about.

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