Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 135: reflecting on boys (again).

The debate over my "I deserve a boyfriend" post has been such, that I have had cause for further reflection. Some very valid points have been raised by representatives of both sexes. One, that maybe modern women have unrealistic expectations when it comes to what they're looking for in a man, and that they may be over-looking perfectly wonderful men by focusing on the wrong attributes. Two, that if you are a confident and capable woman, many men may be afraid to approach, thinking they don't have a chance, which means the approach is, alas, up to the gal. And three, that it's a lot harder to meet anyone unaided by a little dutch courage. So where does all this leave me? Firstly, I will admit that sometimes I rule boys out based on ridiculous things (a stripe on a sock, a bad glasses frame, eyes just a hint too close together). This is me being shallow and making the task of finding a quality lad that much harder (who knows why he's wearing those socks? Maybe he borrowed some off his flatmate cos the washing machine broke down. Do his socks really matter in any capacity whatsoever?). Secondly, I have always had trouble with people thinking I'm scary (like a monster? I'm hoping not.), and with boys being intimidated by me. I have a certain kind of energy that just seems to freak people out a little. What can I say? I am what I am. But I might have to reconcile myself to the fact that it might have to be me who makes the first move occasionally. And of course first moves are way easier to make when you've got the free-flowing feeling that comes with wines flowing freely. Which means I'm going to have to muster some herculean confidence in my current sober predicament to get my pluck up enough to approach a hotty. That's presuming of course that I see anyone I like. Because even coming across anyone who flicks the switch for me lately has been a difficult one. But are my switch-flicking criteria unrealistic and impossibly exclusive? Oh look, I've come full circle. Let's just say I will keep in mind that inclusiveness is a virtue, try to open my eyes and my mind a little wider, and start preparing for the distinct possibility of a me-instigated boy approach. That and pray for an Adonis, an intervention from Cupid, or another bright idea.


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  2. A word about socks.
    A gentleman can be identified at 30 paces by the texture and pattern of his socks. Socks are the very cornerstone of any dashing outfit, like the bedrock, the foundation.
    Surely like the books someone reads, and the hairstyle they sport, a choice of socks is a really good indication of a bloke's whys and wherefores.
    I recon you should trust your instinct as far as socks are concerned. You can always judge a book by its cover.

  3. I saw this the other day and thought it was a great idea.

    "fit2date is a 4 week training program for fit single people who want to train with and meet other fit single people! The same group of people meet once a week for a 1 hour training session, which is hard work but lots of fun."

    Might not be for everyone I understand that :-) I have quite a few friends who have found their loved one through Internet dating and I thought this sounded a bit different. (I don't work for the company or anything)

  4. To Jamie
    I like what you wrote about socks.