Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 124: party two.

Parties are fun. I like them. Especially when they're thrown by your best mates and everyone attending is awesome. Last night's party was Ben and Alicia's housewarming (and Flo, if you're reading this, you were invited too but I forgot to pass it on - apologies!). Their house is really cool with good indoor outdoor aspects and great concrete floors which, as we discovered, make sensational noises when you smash glasses on them. The music was totally freakin cool without exception, thanks to Ben's finely tuned ear for stomping party tracks, and they'd made a heap of delicious nibbles. My kind of party! With such quality stimulus, I found it very easy to bop right on through to around 2.30am, with only the balls of my high-heeled feet registering any real tiredness. My only disappointment was that there were no new and unknown boy prospects to see my quite special outfit (bouffant leopard print shorts and blinding red lipstick! And other necessary items of course, like a top for instance.). In any case, a fun time was had by all, an ocean liner of alcohol was sunk (not by me!) and a healthy amount of interest was shown in my piss-free mission (funny conversation fodder for people steadily sipping their way towards motherships of hangovers.). Bizarrely enough, when I woke this morning for my 8am jog, I did have a little headache. Too may ginger beers, not enough sleep. Ahh, what would my former self say to such a display of wimpery? Nothing probably. I'd still be dead to the world at this early hour (2pm), and far too brain dead on waking to gather any collection of words into a decent derogatory slur.

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