Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 146: an Arms encounter!

It was a Monday, much like any Monday. But little did I know that this particular Monday would be special. This Monday would contain... an encounter with Arms. If you've been reading for a week or few, you will have in fact encountered Arms before. He is our, not friendly so much (he's usually quite aloof), neighbourhood barista, known as Arms because he's got great ones. And today we had a conversation with him. It went something like this: Us: "Oh no, are you still doing coffee?" (it was four o'clock and they looked like they were packing up.) Arms (in an Italian-ish accent):"in one minute, you're lucky. What can I get for you?" Us: "Two regular long blacks and one large long black" Arms: "Where do you work? Are you new? I've seen you around" Us: " ! " ................ "Over the road/yes quite new/no not really/splutter splutter/faint". And then he gave us our coffees and we scuttled away light and jittery at the magnitude of our Arms encounter (and because we hadn't had our coffee yet and needed to). All of this is quite ridiculous, seeing as neither Ryan nor I actually find Arms properly attractive except for his arms (or maybe we do? Do we? Do we?). Anyway what we think we established today was that Arms is not gay but straight. We know this because Ryan has been getting coffee there for about six months, but Arms thought we were new (i.e. he started noticing us around the time I started coming for coffees too, a few weeks ago). Not that the noticing means anything necessarily. He might have noticed us in an isn't it nice that that gay man is helping out that slightly sub-normal girl by hanging out with her kind of way. Or he might just have been being friendly. You know, like making conversation. It's possible. (But I doubt it.)

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  1. This post brought a smile to my face

    It reminds me of being a teenager :-)