Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 145: step forward, step back.

On Saturday at my singing lesson I made an understanding breakthrough. It had to do with feeling and using my chest voice in my lower register, and the penny finally dropping was quite exciting. Naturally I was keen to do more today to test out my newfound knowledge and skills. And I did, only I sounded and felt awful. My lower notes felt difficult and croaky and the feeling of naturalness from the day before was completely lost to me. My high notes felt fine but then I started questioning my technique on those too. Feeling bamboozled by my exercises, I stopped doing those and tried singing one of my old songs, a tune I usually find easy. And that felt and sounded crap too! So I stopped altogether, served myself some of last night's golden syrup pudding from the fridge (mmm, cold cakey pudding), and read my new book in my hammock on the balcony in the sun (and now I am reminded of the blog thisiswhyyou' Correction: this is why I'm not really skinny. And anyway, the book/pudding/hammock combo also made me deliciously happy.).

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