Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 117: long way to go.

At yoga today my teacher asked me how the non-drinking was going, and how many more months I had to go. She was just about to complete FebFast, a month off of her own, and said she'd found it pretty hard. As you know, over the last few days I've had the odd pang. It's okay. Today was pang free and I felt fine. But it did occur to me that at just under a third of the way in, I've still got some miles to cover. It also registered in my pea-like brain, that to keep things interesting maybe I should try a bit of a different emphasis on things. So far, I've pretty much been trying to just do the normal stuff I do minus the alcohol; a sort of casual approach. But why not get a little more rigorous with things? Or am I being a freak? Yes, maybe I am. But if I'm sober and have no excuse to be not doing things, then why don't I start using my time a little better? I am going to start by stepping up the exercise. Moderate exercise is fine if you're hung over half the time, but if you're a clean machine I think it's reasonable to expect more. Jogging in the mornings is what I'm thinking, with yoga of an evening to keep me sane (or push me over the edge as the case may be - kidding. Yoga is my mental superhero rescuer, and can always be relied upon to make me feel good.). I am also going to book in my vocal training sessions and start using at least one of my weeknights or weekend days more productively. And, and, and everything. No, that will do. My constant mistake is overloading myself with expectations and responsibilities. It's a recipe for failure. Exercise and vocal training (and liver cleansing and working) is all I need to worry about this week. And if I concentrate on that, maybe it won't bother me so much that I have over eight months to go. (It's actually not bothering me right now, so what's the big deal?)

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