Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day: 120: oh wow!

So can I please go and hang out with Phoenix et al now for the rest of my life? They were freakin awesome. I was particularly mesmerised by their drummer, an amazing powerhouse of rollicking, fat, pumping rhythm, and the loose hints of jam offered up by their lead guitarist were also satisfying. For some inexplicable reason too (apart from the fact that they're totally cool), Australia seems to have gone mad for this happy band of Frenchies. Somehow, the land famous for the squawks of Jimmy Barnes and the no-nonsense rock of ACDC, has fallen in love with the delicate and arty trillings of a gang of Parisian boys. The crowd was going off. Jumping, screaming, shouting every lyric, even singing sweetly like an enormous children's choir to a pared back version of "Everything". It was quite a thing to be caught up in. And a highly enjoyable show. So enjoyable in fact that I didn't even really think about my own music making at all; I just soaked up the extremely positive vibe. On second thought though, it does inspire me to keep plugging along the musical dream vein, even if only to try and one day score a support slot for Phoenix. Because regardless of how fashionable their support band Miami Horror might currently be, I am quite certain we could blow them out of the water.

P.S. Being a non-drinker at the gig was also rewarding, inasmuch as I avoided being slathered in drink stickiness and pong when the crowd started bouncing. Boing.

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