Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 133: I love you.

A little while ago I installed a handy little device on this blog that tells me how many of you folk are reading each day, and where approximately in the world you are. Over the last week I have been astounded to discover that some of you are popping in to read from as far away as Thailand, Belgium, Germany, New Caledonia, French Polynesia and even Turkey. While I knew I had readers in the US, I had no idea that there were people reading in Dearborn Michigan and Denver Colorado, rather than just Houston Texas where my cousin Charlotte lives. Likewise, I knew I had plenty of readers in Sydney, but not about the people tuning in from Darwin, Chullora, Melbourne, Belmont, Flinders and Perth. If this is you, I am so excited that you are remotely interested in my tiny life and my mental-case mission. In fact, I absolutely freakin love every you in the world kind and interested enough to spend some of your valuable spare time here with me. You are ace. Was that too much love? Sorry. Let's reign it in with a simple (and heartfelt) thanks. I will do my best to give you good reasons to keep coming back, from wherever in the world you happen to be.


  1. Hmm,
    I’m doing something similar to you, so I’ve been reading your blog with interest. I recon that to become a rock star giving up booze is enough of a sacrifice. Why give up cheese too? It seems that your focus has changed to making yourself feel to better and better each day, dare I suggest you may be procrastinating?
    Along with the initial de-tox comes a revelation-style bounty of clear-thinking, spritely steps and quicker wit. Then the increase eventually levels off, and you get used to feeling great all the time, the way some people get used to feeling hungover all the time. So then it’s normal to feel pure and normal to want more, and you look around for the next bit.
    I recon now that you’re up high you should admire the view for a while.
    Well done for getting so far.
    Eat cheese & drink coke. Be a rock star.

  2. Thanks Jamie. I like the way you think. And you're probably right re the procrastination. Less focus on cheese, more on making tunes...