Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 130: progress.

After some turbulent and quite telling dreams (involving ballet exams and not being prepared in any way for them) I had a very productive and satisfying day. Apart from taking care of a number of tasks that had been bugging me, I had my second voice training lesson and then went to Ben's house to record some backing vocals for one of our newer tracks. The voice sessions are proving to be extremely enlightening. It seems that although I've been singing away for years in kiddy choirs and bands, I have had absolutely no clue how to use my voice properly. It's a wonder I've managed to choke anything out at all using my non-technique. Even just knowing how to breathe is making an enormous difference (although I'm a little afraid of what diaphragm breathing will do for my tummy tone. It seems to involve quite a lot of sticking it out.) Anyway, I have a fresh set of breathing and vocal exercises which I will avidly do, because it excites me to think of where my voice might end up. The session at Ben's went really well too. We did a bunch of different vocal options and put down some new keyboard parts in the break, and it was all working well and sounding good. My new breathing techniques really helped me to sing what I needed to sing with significantly more ease. So yippeeyiyay and a head voice hey! (Sorry. That last bit was me being an extreme nerd and employing some of my newly learnt singing jargon. What. A. Cock.)

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