Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 127: a taste for mulch.

I've been liver cleansing for two and a half weeks now, and while I've had the odd slip up on the sugar front, you'd still think I'd be feeling something a little different. I'm not. No withdrawal symptoms or headaches. No obvious weight loss. Skin's pretty much the same. I've taken myself completely off dairy and red meat without mishap. I've been diligently drinking my juices in the morning. Only eating special bread, avoiding sugar most of the time, eating bucketloads of fruit, veges and organic oats. Where's the freaky energy I was promised? Why haven't I lost 10 kgs? I think the answer is my liver was already in pretty good shape, and doing a liver cleanse on top of teetotal is overkill. Anyway, I will continue to eat the mulch that is liver cleansing food because it doesn't bother me that much to do it. I have, over the years, been weening myself onto healthier and healthier foods and now can quite happily stomach my wheatgrass and carrot beverages, my psyllium husk and linseed scattered breakfast soaked in rice milk, my quinoa, millet balls, tofu fritters etcetera etcetera. But for your average Joe, food like this would taste like compost. Such earthy goodness takes time for your pallet to adjust to. It's a potentially vomit inducing shock to the unaccustomed taste bud (I literally gagged on trying my first wheatgrass shot). I worry about this only because my younger brother is about to enter into the liver cleanse himself, and doesn't have a history of being a psycho-healthy eater like me. It might be hard. It also raises questions about the future health of all of the western world, given our current addiction to sugar (alcohol), meat, white bread and saturated fat. If my nutrition books are to be believed, these things are freakin evil. But with hyper-healthy food tasting like it does, I don't see too many people easily giving up their Big Macs. Weirdly enough, I actually really like the taste of a lot of the super healthy food I eat, and when I think about it, it's probably only that I feel so good pretty much all the time anyway these days that the liver cleanse isn't revolutionising my world. Anyway enough yabber. Time to head home, swing by the supermarket for some fresh mulch fodder, and cook up something tasty.

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