Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 137: do or not do.

I seem to remember sometime in my early youth, reading a quote from man of the moment Keanu Reeves (I think it was in Dolly magazine) that he'd rather regret something he had done than something he hadn't. To borrow from his then vernacular, I think that's kind of bogus; regrets whether for doing or not doing a thing are regrets just the same. I'm of the opinion it's best to try and avoid them altogether. So you did something uncool, or didn't do something awesome. So what? Freak out for a minute, by all means apologise, then move the fuck on. Anyway, bogus or not (can people's personal preferences even be right or wrong?), last night I had cause to remember and applaud Keanu's call to action. Firstly, because I'd been invited to a 90s party (Keanu's first era of reigning teen hunkdom), and secondly because I was teetering on the to go or not to go line. As I've indicated before, Friday nights can be a difficult energy challenge for a non-drinker. I'd had quite an exhausting week and the prospect of a shower followed by ugg boots and sofa time was seeming pretty enticing. But what with all the complaining I've been doing lately about there being no boys anywhere, I felt it was really my duty to go and check out the scene. In the end it was out of respect for the hostess Jo that I elected to go. And I'm so glad I did. Not only were there tables full of M&Ms, Burger Rings and fairy bread to help me replenish my energy stores, there was a top bunch of people with whom to hang, some of my absolute favourite people in the world. It was just one of those really natural fun times, the kind of fun I always have when this particular crowd are around. And it reminded me of how many great boys and girls I know and what a lucky girl I am to be living my particular life. The genuine quality of the lads too reminded me that there are plenty of funny, cool and lovely boys in the world and that not freaking out is probably the best policy for finding one of my own. So yes Keanu, I agree. At least when it comes to parties, the doing of the thing is an infinitely better idea than doing nothing at all.

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