Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 122: Friday not so fun.

Don't get me wrong. Fridays are great days. And really mine has been fine. But there's a point on a Friday afternoon when it's not fun to be a non-drinker. In olden times, the four o'clock-ish crack open of wine or beer would signal the end of toil and the beginning of freedom. Even if you were still working, the fizzy-bubbly would make it all a little looser and more fun. When you're teetotal, there is no freedom-signaling treat. All of the drinks and snacks the world has to offer you are kind of tired by Friday afternoon. And sugary drinks tend to add to tiredness rather than help get your groove on. So while others open the floodgates to weekend oblivion and get pumped for the parties and bars they're soon to hit, I have to wrestle my energy levels into a state where I can face the same parties and bars already full of drunken people. It's tiring enough in itself, let alone doing the actual partying. But you can't hermit your life away, so I will slick on some fresh lippy and get the freak on the party trail. One tonight, one tomorrow and plenty of other freaky activities in between. Time to bring it. So let's go baby.

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