Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 147: being productive.

Today I had a very good day. It turned out to be quite a long day in the end, with a lot of jobs on at work including a pitch, but it was pretty much entirely satisfying. It started with jogging, which always makes me happy, but basically contained much productiveness, including getting through a lot of work and even making a bit of band progress (the guy I've had my eye on to play guitar with us has agreed to a jam). I just felt really happy and satisfied and stimulated by a lot of the elements, nay all the elements, in my life today. I felt alive, active and useful, occupied and entertained. And none of it had anything to do with not drinking. Or maybe it did. Because since not drinking, I have had to fill my time and entertain my ever whirring brain with activities - things to do. And through not drinking I have been better physically and mentally equipped to perform those activities, which has made them more fun and more satisfying. So in a sense, yet again, it is directly because of not drinking that I felt so happy today. Happy to be alive, happy to be able-bodied, able-minded and surrounded with creative outlets, happy simply to be getting things done.

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