Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 142: thinking too much.

After yesterday's meandering criticism of western society's use of alcohol as entertainment, I had some more thoughts. Ironically though, they centred around the fact that maybe I have lately been thinking too much. When you write a blog about not drinking, and the not drinking gets really easy, you run into fewer and fewer challenging drink-related incidents about which to write. This means you turn to everyday events for subject matter, and naturally you want to keep things interesting. What this effectively means for the daily blog writer is that you are assessing the interestingness and entertainment value of your life every single day. You should try it some time. What I have discovered is that one, my life isn't interesting and entertaining every single day and two, thinking about it all the time is producing in me an unreasonable disgruntlement at the relative lack of daily newsworthy events taking place in my world. Hence little outbursts about the boringness of routine, drinking and the status quo. If I hadn't had to write something interesting about it, I wouldn't have lost a blink of sleep over the fact that two days in a row were mainly about work, exercise, cooking dinner and hitting the hay, or that the Entourage season finale represented a genuine high point in my week. (Oh God, now I'm going to depress myself all over again.) Sometimes the same old shit is the stuff of life, and a glass of wine helps it go down a little better, or help you forget that you did exactly the same thing yesterday. As a teetote, I have no spoonful of sugar (except an actual spoonful of sugar) with which to assist my stomaching of the mundane, and no sedative with which to obscure the facts. My daily bull sits happily in the stark light of my consciousness in all its stinking glory. So I apologise if a) my posts aren't always the night before Christmas for excitingness b) I sometimes come off as criticising the bejesus out of what are perfectly normal and enjoyable human habits, and c) I examine the odd aspect of life that doesn't really need examining. I'm sober and aware every minute of every day, the only time I zone out is when I sleep, and I'm facing every moment of my uneventful little life without a single drop from the reality-fuzzing clouds. Think about it.

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