Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 99: everything is new.

There is certainly not enough time to do all the things one might like. This week it has been all I can do to keep up with the constant barrage of newness storming my tubes and assaulting my grey matter. The work I've been doing has been interesting and varied and, dare I say it, fun (!) so no complaints there. And the environment is pacey, friendly and energised, so that's good too. But when something as simple as buying a salad for lunch is a hectic adventure, a day's length of such stimulus can be quite exhausting. Apart from walking to and from work, I haven't managed one iota of exercise (what is an iota, incidentally?), and gathering the energy to plan and cook dinner has taken an effort nothing short of heroic. We (me) are getting there however. Oh, and I think I have officially (according to the Claire Falloon Book of Handy Rules and Guidelines for Non-drinking) reached the status of entrenched non-drinker by the way. Me drinking alcohol seems like an ancient myth or questionable cult religion to me now; it seems perfectly likely someone made it all up. "Once upon a time, after a hard day's work, a girl called Claire drank several glasses of wine with her dinner to relax". Nup. Don't believe it.

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