Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 93: rockin in the free world.

Today I am a free agent and it's awesome. Yesterday I did possibly my longest party stint without drinking yet, with two events back to back spanning a full 12 hours. It was totally cool. I drank quite a lot of water, because that many fizzy drinks would have made me sick, and I did have one moment of kind of really wanting to sample the nice white that everyone else was drinking (we were at the very pleasant Mille Vini wine bar, so it was hardly surprising). But all was fine. My resolve is such now that I can have a drinks pang, observe it and move on. I am in no way afraid that I will cave to the lures of the bottle. I have though found myself sort of planning how I will drink in the future: like a highly evolved, sophisticated creature of stylish restraint. Ha. I may very well be kidding myself. But in the cosy, safe zone of complete abstinence, I can allow myself pretty fantasies like these. Or maybe we should call it positive visualisation. (If you can see it, you can be it. Woo!) Another fantasy I am entertaining today is the idea of somehow being a free agent all the time. Working when it suits me on projects that I love, shopping when I wanna, lunching at leisure, travelling to far flung destinations with the regularity of Jet Girl. Dream on sister, cos dreams are for free.

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