Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 106: focus.

Some days it's almost impossible to focus on one task for any extended period of time. Today I've been forcing myself through the paces, because there's work that must be done, but my brain has been skittering away at the slightest provocation. As I may have mentioned, my new place of work comes with rather special water, park and city views. I have a problem with views. When I look at them, I tend to want to be out in them, doing the seemingly nicer things other people are doing over there in the distance. Of course it's entirely possible that the people on the other end of my view could be looking back and thinking the same thing, but seeing as I'm looking at yachts sailing in the sunshine, while they would be looking at an office high-rise, I kind of doubt it in this case. It's on days like these that I want to get on planes and be in other places. In actual fact most of the time I want to get on planes and be in other places. Is this normal? Or did I miss my calling as an Air Hostess? Rock stars get to travel a lot... And now back to writing letters about credit cards.

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