Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 112: corporate rock.

Did I mention that I have a corporate rock gig coming up in two days? No? As is often the case, this is a fundraiser for charity, and it happens to be being run by one of my current agency's most important clients. We found out today that one of said clients actually has to be involved in our act. And since I'm leading the act, that's going to mean interaction on stage between me and the client. Which is fine. Usually, and quite miraculously, my happy stage monster springs into life when I step out in front of a crowd. I do insane, confident, bolshy and "entertaining" things spontaneously and without qualms. At least, I always have done before. But before I would always have had a couple of JD's and cokes by the time I hit the stage. Not so this time. This time I will be sober baby, inescapably so. So this will be something of an interesting experiment, and one carried out in front of some kind of mega-important people. What, me worried? No way kiddo. I'm a born show-off. I will simply channel my inner 3-year-old and this gig will totally rock.

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