Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 90: is my life a broken record?

Okay, so stopping drinking was a seemingly large life change. It was a head shift, a lifestyle shift, a social shift. But now that I'm 90 days in, my "new life" is starting to feel a bit samey. Yoga, healthy eating, getting up early and being productive, writing this blog, doing the music, socialising in a wholesome, under control kind of way. It's a pleasant and happy existence, and I have genuinely eradicated some of the evils that previously felt like incurable plagues in my life. But it's starting to feel like things might have gotten stuck on one track. And the impatient demon child in me is kind of howling for some action. Where are my crazy adventures? Where are my tales of started here, ended where?!!! Where are my encounters with insane people? On second thought, maybe they can all stay exactly wherever it is they are. I am not, after all, looking for trouble. What I am looking for is some new experiences, encounters, people; fuel to keep my insatiable boredom bug at bay. My new job will help (ARE WE THERE YET?). And I can easily swap some shit around for entertainment's sake, without sending the nice little equilibrium I've got going into violent and unnecessary see-saw convulsions. No need to smash the record to smithereens (love that word), when all that's required is a shift of the needle.
(And now I'd better go to yoga.)


  1. Hi Claire, I came across your blog after reading Grazia and have just read it from start to finish. Good for you! After a particularly humiliatng drunken Australia Day experience I've decided to cut back on the booze myself, but not sure I could do the teetotal thing just yet. Maybe soon? Anyway, thanks for the great read, keep it up!
    - PS. You're 100% right about boys in Sydney…

  2. Thanks Melanie! And I wish I wasn't right about boys in Syds. Shall we all move to NYC? (Or is that just as bad?!)