Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 108: looks like trouble.

Tonight I will attend my little brother's party. A relatively impromptu event, this party will be peopled by many of his work pals including a new friend of his whom, to my older-sisterly eye, looks like trouble. Indeed it takes trouble to know trouble, and maybe I'm being entirely unfair, but judging by the activities that seem to abound when my little bro is in the company of this "buddy", I don't think he's the healthiest of acquaintances for my extremely beloved sibling. Mainly they tend to get wasted. And gamble and get into punch ups (I know, that's just boys for you, stop freakin). Unlike with a scuffle in the playground however, it is difficult to step in and protect a brother or sister from harm in the adult world. Being grown ups (apparently), it's up to us who we hang with and how we behave. One can only be there to help out or be leant upon when asked. So I can't pop my brother in my backpack and whisk him away from this perceived troublemaker. But at least I can go and suss the little bastard out.

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