Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 100: ah yoga.

Heavens be praised I finally did a yoga class. The 6am-ers are always awesome, and now I feel suitably worked and energised. The views from my new 28th floor office are very pretty, and right now I can see the Sydney harbour water sparkling splendiferously. Feeling fabbo, now let's do some work! (Have I gone mental?) Happy hundredth day to me and happy birthday to my Dad.


  1. 100 must feel like a proper milestone - nice one :)

  2. Happy 100 days to you!!!! That's so awesome. I'm now at day 16 and cant believe how quickly the time has gone. My biggest issue has been what to drink instead of alcohol!!! I'm trying not to drink sugar laden cool drinks coz i have started to lose weight and am liking it!!!I'm over diet coke, sprite, dry ginger ......... Going to parties is not so bad coz you can bring your own drinks. Some of my favourites have been Light iced green tea,light cranberry juice, diet indian tonic with sliced lemon or lime. Would love to know what your non-alcoholic drinks of choice have been?? Especially when you go out for a night??
    Congrats on your 100th day and happy birthday to your Dad too!!!

  3. Happy 100th! You deserve a letter from the Queen. Love you lots xx