Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 103: ugly on alcohol.

Yesterday (or was it the day before?) I had a comment from a reader recommending observing the behaviour of drunk people as a deterrent for boozing yourself. Good call. On Saturday night I had the opportunity to observe the foul behaviour of one intoxicated male, probably in his early to mid twenties. Seeing my cab pass him by, but not seeing that I the passenger was inside, this charming example of humanity saw fit to boot the passenger door of the cab when we stopped at the lights. Yeah dufus, nice freakin reaction. Apart from hurling a few well chosen expletives his way and an accompanying middle finger salute (I'm all class in situations like these), I was fine. My cab driver on the other hand, probably in his fifties, almost had kittens. His shock was so long-lasting that he had to stop and have a cigarette once we'd reached my destination. So not only did this drunken youth 1. highlight his own lack of observation skills (by missing the fact there was already someone in the cab), 2. react very badly and 3. scare the bejesus out of an unsuspecting cab driver, he also increased the likelihood of an early death for said cab driver by forcing the smoking of an extra cigarette. Do you see what alcohol does for people? I'm kidding. But I'm sure the boy in question would have been much less likely to put the boot in, had he not been boozed up to the eyeballs. Having just been transported from a strip of street rammed with hordes of the revoltingly intoxicated, this extra little incident did at the time serve as a nice little reminder why I'm glad I'm off the piss. Because whether you are lad or lass, getting juiced and violent is decidedly not pretty.

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