Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 102: raining squids and wine bars.

It has been raining, particularly on the weekends, for two or maybe three weeks now. Being generally intolerant of most annoying things, and being used to endless sunshiny Sydney-side weather, I have been finding the grey skies and never ending sopping damp tiresome and in some cases infuriating. The furiousness is a me problem. Short wick. What has been doubly angering is the heat. Temperatures of around 37 degrees coupled with palpable clamminess makes for weather that is, as one friend Charlie put it, undignified. (Read sweat. Lots of it.) The whole situation has been driving me a tiny bit insane and taken the shine off my happy teetotal ping pong mood. Never mind. Last night I went out despite rivers of rain gushing the footpaths and gutters, and had a perfectly pleasant time. It started with a visit to my friend Niccola's giant squid, which was being exhibited at The Club, a Kings Cross bar and former strip joint (incidentally). At the club I drank bottled water, my new thing. The bottle makes you feel like you're drinking something interesting, but the water itself only does you good. (It might just be me turning into more and more of a beverages lightweight, but I have noticed that sugar-laden drinks can result in mild headaches and low level brain fog. Being the purist I currently am, I don't really like tolerating even small doses of these kinds of side effects.) We followed the exhibition with a light and delicious dinner at the brand new wine bar Ll (for Llankelly Place, where you'll find it) and some Chee Chee mules (Lychee, Ginger Beer, Limey delectations. Mine was a virgin.). Check Ll out if you're in the area. It was ace and the eats were great. And yes the rain was torrenting around all the while causing mayhem, but by some miracle I managed to make it home more or less dry, where I tried on the new bikini I had received in the post, which, in actual fact, was probably the most appropriate attire for the weather.

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  1. Greetings,

    Followed you from today's SMH. Wishing you the best of luck. You certainly don't need me to tell you that it gets easier as the days go by. Always good to see a rebel amongst the masses.

    Haven't quite gotten around to reading your previous 101 posts, though I am curious as to what your musical tastes lean toward. What kind of rock star do you wanna be?

    - AI, SI