Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 107: solutions.

Yay! A simple phone call has cured my feelings of music bewilderment and frustration. This weekend, Ben and I will enter the practice room once more for a good old fashioned bash and fang session. On talking, we realised that in all our efforts to get something produced and happening musically, we had neglected the thing we love the most: playing. A lot of our best stuff has materialised or evolved in good directions through the simple process of jamming. It's a vibe thing. You feel things. Stuff just comes out. The combined energy of several humans in a room brings things into being that the energy of one cannot. Speaking of which, I also have the number of a guitarist who might just be what we're looking for, and in fact need to get the ball rolling again. Oh yeah, and my voucher for vocal coaching lessons arrived in the post (my leaving gift from my last agency). Woot woot! It's all happening.

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