Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 115: I want wine.

This hasn't happened until now, but I have wanted wine twice today. The first time was at 8.30 this morning (!) when I saw a spunky boy while walking to work and thought how nice it would be to meet someone like him (actually him) for a glass of wine at some dimly lit cool-cave. The second time was at lunchtime while I was buying a cute french looking jumper and imagining other cool-fun party-like settings (think beat poet without the beat poetry) where a delicious glass of red would be perfect. And now my workmates are breaking out a pricey bottle of NZ Sauv B, so let's make that three times today I've wanted wine. Instead I am having a slice of toast, butterless (thanks liver cleanse), with fruit-only cherry jam, and a cup of detox tea. Sounds hideous, actually is quite refreshing and yummy. So I'm okay. And will stop complaining and hankering presently.

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