Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 95: excessive shopping.

Since stopping drinking I have gotten quite a lot thinner without much effort. This of course has been freaking great. Naturally, I exercise fairly regularly, but while in general eating more chocolate and ice creams than I used to, I have still managed to lose a good six kgs in weight. Today was the first day I tried going shopping with my new leaner bod, and it was a disaster... for my credit card. The shopping itself was radical. Never before have I had such a good jeans buying session (I bought three pairs!), and in general things just fitted really well. It made it quite difficult to control myself. In addition to the jeans, I bought three tops, a beautiful silk frock from Paris, some shoes and a skull broach. And a lipgloss. It was an awesome reward for the alcohol-free time I have put in so far. And actually, because I no longer spend squillions on boozing each week, it actually wasn't that much of a disaster financially either. As long as I can keep the habit under control of course. I don't want to be having to do 365 days off shopping any time in the near future now do I.

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