Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 98: random sheeyite.

I had vivid, weird dreams last night, and my flatmate's ceiling fell in (at 3am, on account of all the frickin rain we've had lately). Intense. It also occurred to me today that coke has now taken on the role of "special drink reserved for nights out" in my silly, rapidly purifying mind. Am I for real? Yep, heading out for a big night on the Coca-Colas. Whee. Oo no, better not have a coke with lunch - all that sugar with lunch on a weekday?! Craziness. I am also heading to Ben's this evening to hear what he's done to our little computer song. New job has also been occupying most of my brain space today, which might account for the randomness of my blog-blither. I will endeavour, in future, to more successfully get my shit together.

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