Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 96: oh bugger.

Today yoga boy turned up at the studio again. He had the t-shirt tan marks of someone who's just been on a legendary summer holiday, a newly shaven head, oh yeah, and a girl with him. To make matters worse, she was tall and really thin and had black hair. Compare this to my 165 cm, athletic build (thigh muscles, BOOTY, strong arms that I wish were willowy), and actually white blonde hair, and I'm guessing I was exactly not his type. Or maybe things don't work that way, but whatever. What it boils down to is I missed my chance, if I ever had one. Was not drinking at the yoga party to blame? No, probably not. While I do seem to be quite profoundly retarded when it comes to boys, I have also had some sensationally great relationships in the past with some gorgeous lads. Indeed, the best ones have always seemed to come together kind of magically and effortlessly, so why worry? If it's not happening, there's not a hell of a lot you can do. Mehh, wrong answer. In actual fact there are at least a couple of things that I can and will be doing. But I'll tell you more about those a little closer to the time.

P.S. That'll teach me to brag about getting thin. What's that saying of my Nanna's? "Pride cometh before a fall".

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