Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 101: how to not drink.

So I've blah blahed about my trials and tribulations enough times for you to know the drill on how not drinking is going for me. It's going fine. Today, considering its number, I thought a basic crash course in the clevers of how to not drink might be in order. So:
How to not drink 101
1. Don't drink. Sounds simple, and it is. (Remember what Yoda said about "trying".)
2. Set your time frame. Then don't drink. (No special occasions, no amnesties, no emergencies. Just no drinking and no bull.)
3. Get yourself some nice alco-frees. After all, you have to drink something.
4. People might try to tell you you're a boring party pooper. You're not. You're a rebel, and you are totally in control. Remember this.

And that's as far as I've got. Could use some work maybe? Yes yes. I can test them out this afternoon when I head to my first new agency party. It's a Valentine's theme apparently, and the bubbles will be flowing. Bubbles schmubbles. You ain't got nothin.


  1. 5. Observe closely how people act when they get drunk.

    I've been reading your blog for a little over a week. It was the fourth result in a Google search for "drinking is boring," which I typed in after a night of boring drinking. For a while I've been a "twice weekly binge" drinker, but I started cutting back a couple weeks ago and the last time I drank at all was on Saturday (February 6th). Who knows, I may follow your example and stay sober for a year. I feel more clearheaded and energetic than I have in a long time and think I'd like this feeling to stick around. In any event, your blog has played a part in convincing me to make wiser decisions about alcohol than I have been these past few years.

  2. Radical. Give it a whirl. Not drinking is the business.

  3. Am not drinking Feb and is vairrrrrrry difficult. Do not think will last 101 days. Kudos.