Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 111: liver alert.

In New Zealand, the phone number for emergency services is 111. Which is why I chose today to go into liver emergency mode. Not that I have a liver emergency. I'm pretty sure my liver's doing a lot better than it was one hundred and eleven days ago. But being the freak I am, and as I said I'd do it earlier, I have begun an eight week liver cleansing diet, the aim being to eek out any residual toxic havoc wreakers remaining in my ever-purer body. Why not right? I'm not drinking anyway, so why not take the opportunity to be my cleanest (most vomit-worthy to normal onlookers) self? Speaking of puritan, vomit-inducing behaviour, I'd better stop polishing my halo and trot off to yoga.


  1. Fifteen days without a drink for me so far. I've noticed healthy habits come easier to me lately. Been working out more often and I have seriously cut back on salt, which I have consumed way too much of for years.

  2. One of my friends who is into the vitamins etc (takes a truckful) suggests to take Milk Thistle for liver function/detoxification

  3. Yep I'm taking a supplement with Milk Thistle in it. Thanks for the tip though. And GO Resist The Urge to Utter Profundities! (That's quite a name.) Not drinking pretty much just gets better and better, so keep it rockin and rollin.