Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 97: woa-a.

Today I attended two briefings and two client presentations, wrote a press release on myself, posed for photos and wrote a 60 second TV commercial (the doing of which takes considerably more than 60 seconds). Welcome to my new job. My day started at 9 and ended at 8, which is fine. First days are always mayhemic (I invented that word), and it's nothing special for an advertising person to work these kinds of hours. In truth my day was pretty controlled, as things go. It occurred to me though that, true to form, I have set myself quite a number of challenges this year. There is the not drinking, the pursuing of my musical dreams, the getting of one's driver's license, and now the pursuit of excellence in an entirely new place of work. Have I overstretched myself? Most likely. I suppose I'm only lucky that drinking is out of the picture, because otherwise I wouldn't have a hope in hell of achieving any of it. As it happens, the only thing I have a hope in hell of achieving right now is going to sleep. Zzz.

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