Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 208: equipment malfunction.

My freakin microphone is still refusing to communicate with Garageband. I mean how ridiculous? I embark on my exciting new attempt at a music project and am thwarted before I even manage to lay down a proper vocal take. It's pretty basic stuff, and pretty pathetic. Add to that my waking up with a squeaky and positively male pubescent sounding voice box, and the music department of my life is looking somewhat broken down. Still, I will persevere. The mic issue will certainly be solved with some tiny and either a) annoyingly obvious or b) impossibly obscure flick of a tick box or drop-down menu choice somewhere in the Garageband programme. I will find it Goddamnit! And there's not a lot I can do about a croaky throat except rest my voice and saturate my throat in nonabrasive and hydrating beverages. When I was little and I had a throat and cough like the one I do now, my Dad would always make me a hot toddy with some kind of brandy or whisky in it, honey and orange or lemon. They were small and potent brews which guaranteed a lot less raspy coughing and a decent night's sleep. I wonder if one such brew would help my little vocal cords now? I'm guessing probably not (judging by what my singing teacher has told me about the effects of alcohol on one's delicate tune tubes). Oh well, it's all academic. I can guess and wonder about hot toddies until the sun comes up, but testing their efficacy in fixing throats will have to wait until later.

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