Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 193: chillin' in shady pines.

Last night I visited what might be the best bar for a non-drinker I've seen yet. Introducing Shady Pines. Conveniently enough, Shady Pines opened a few months back, directly under my yoga studio. It's a below ground, medium-sized cave, modeled on some kind of American hunting cabin with stuffed animals and heads all over the place, and a nice woody feel. Now apart from the dead animals (which doesn't really compute with my newfound veganism), this cosy and welcoming hideaway caters really well for my current sober bent. Firstly, the appropriately cute and friendly waiter brought water for the table within seconds of us finding one, and a bowl of complimentary peanuts in their shells (healthier and more hygienic than regular bar nuts, and prettier too in a rustic sort of way). Secondly, when I ordered a juice and soda, they hand juiced me one on the spot. Wow! I also discovered that if you get a tall soda water with enough fresh lime, you totally look like you're drinking alcohol, which is sometimes important in bar situations. (This isn't actually a discovery - it's ridiculously obvious - only I haven't really gotten into soda water while out much, due to it seeming somewhat boring. Now that I'm not eating sugar (yes that too) fizzy water is kind of where it's at. Last night was one of the first times I've ordered it and actually enjoyed it.). So with two types of water (still and fizzy) and free nuts at my disposal, I was obviously in heaven (what insane self-depriving health nut wouldn't be?). I also had very good company in my new friend Beth, a fellow yoga-head and music maker. Actually we discovered that these weren't the only things we have in common. In addition we: both come from four kid families, both have older sisters called Anna, both try and attempt a million projects at once, and both have dreams of living in crazy big cities on the other side of the world. Go figure. Chicks of a feather I guess?? Anyway, among numerous other things, we talked music projects. And it definitely helped chip away at my general confusion about what to do next. Oh yeah, and speaking of music, and of doing things, tonight I'm going to see The Chills play, an old school band from NZ responsible for this legendary little tune.

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