Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 185: vacuous dreams.

No, I'm not talking about my dreams of being famous (as vacuous as they may be). I just remembered what my pillowy head put together last night for its dream assignment; Jonah Lomu, accidentally drinking a glass of wine, and Coco Chanel's perfect nail polish. Full points for random shallowness brain, well done. Jonah, for those who don't know, was a famous New Zealand All Black rugby player. Nothing was going on with him, he was just standing on the field and I was on the sideline freaking out that it was him (which is weird cos he was never really a favourite of mine. Not like Tana Umaga or Richie McCaw.). And then I hung out briefly with the whole team at a girl's house who is one of the business managers from my old work, and for some weird reason she was wearing a nanna nightie the whole time. And then I saw Coco Chanel's perfect nail polish and accidentally drank a glass of wine. Oh my God am I actually blogging about a dream? And a very stupid one at that. Never mind, the important thing is that I didn't drink a glass of wine. And I won't either, because if my vacuous dream-self's reaction is anything to go by, drinking before the cut-off date would totally freak me out.


  1. Oohh I've always had a thing for Richie...he was such a cutey, now a bit munted from all the rugby but still. Also, I am addicted to reading your blog, keep it up!!

  2. Ditto that! I love this blog dammit!! :) Keep going and big congrats on the halfway mark Claire!! :) (BTW - it's Beth here, from yoga...I have actually been meaning to get in contact with you! Alas, I got an i-Phone and lost your number :( Text me if ya can, would be keen to grab a coffee sometime and exchange music dilemma's!! haha! - B