Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 187: a portrait of the artist as a hottie.

About two weeks ago I found a photo of me aged around 27. I look hot. I'm allowed to say that because it's not of me now, it's of me then. It was during a phase when I miraculously managed to get all my shit happening at once. Cool outfit, tanned lean bod, happy, young confidence. Man. Back then I was partying quite a lot, definitely drinking quite a lot, probably doing a decent amount of exercise (dancing at clubs a lot too). And it was all working. Seeing that photo reminded me that it is not impossible for me to like my body and feel like a hottie. I did then. And while I had pre-thirties youth on my side too (and youth is powerful stuff), I don't see why I can't make a little of the hot magic happen again. But it will take some commitment, and consistent work. It's one thing not to drink, but to substitute alcohol with sugary "treats" is a false reward, not to mention plain dumb. So no more peanut M&Ms or lazy sleep-in mornings. It's time to mobilise, and turn into the shining picture of health and hotness that my non-drinking self should be.

P.S. I don't think I'm looking particularly unhealthy right now, maybe just a little less skinny than I'd like to. And there's every chance this is just me being a body psycho again, but that's normal. And there's nothing wrong with being healthy blah blah blah....

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