Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 179: Georgia's fifth.

My (rather dazzlingly) beautiful niece Georgia had her fifth birthday party today. The family was in attendance, including Dad over from NZ (known as Gran-ad to the little-uns), and a very pleasant group of Georgia’s friends and their parents. Now to many, the prospect of a party peopled largely by five-year-olds probably isn’t the greatest. But this party was. Great that is. It was a party that flowed, it was a party that worked, it was a party where the parents had just as much fun as the kids. And while quite a lot of the adults’ enjoyment did derive from the serving of alcohol, the real success of the party came from great execution, and a top group of people. The parents were relaxed but all pretty switched on and interesting. And their kids, probably not surprisingly, were really cool too. No brat attacks. Zero tantrums. Just cute kids going ape over lollies, pressies and cake (and taking their sugar out on a defenseless piƱata – a particularly entertaining highlight). It was a very enjoyable day. And now I am tired, even without the energy sap of booze, and must sleep before another day of work tomorrow (yes, working on a Sunday. Give me a kids’ party over that any day.).

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