Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 190: $50 million to stop drinking.

The Australian government has allocated $50 million of its latest budget to build on their current campaign to stop people binge drinking. Wow man, I feel so 'of the moment'. I wonder if they would consider sending any of it in my direction? Not that I'm trying to stop other people from binge drinking, but I have managed to stop myself. Even a tiny sliver of 50 mil would help out beautifully with my upcoming holiday jaunt. Speaking of which, does anyone have any ideas on where I should go in Mexico? I found a rad looking hotel in Acapulco, but people keep saying Acapulco's crap. Cancun sounds way too touristy, but maybe Playa del Carmen might be alright? I want some cultural cool stuff and a serious chunk of beach and pool time. Thoughts? (Hmm. The government's doing something constructive to stop our national drinking problem, and all I can talk about is holidays. Well, what can I say? Stop drinking and life's a beach? Or maybe, catch-up slow coaches. Being freaked about binge-drinking is so 190 days ago.)

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  1. Yeah I don't know. I think education is the answer - education about quality rather than quantity. Tax breaks for microbreweries is the way to go! not that I can have any though....