Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 182: working late.

Today I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at work. And I'm still here. But that's okay. In actual fact, as pitch missions go, this one isn't so bad. It could be 3am right now. Or it could be 9am and I could be heading home to have a shower before presenting at 10. These are things advertisers regularly do. They also have a decent sized piss up once the whole thing is in the bag; a well earned sigh of relief after cramming a year's worth of work into the space of two weeks. Naturally, I will not be joining in. But that's fine too. Because today I rewarded myself in another way: by booking some more of my US trip, my ticket from LA to NYC. I also realised that the whole thing happens in only six weeks! So with holidays in sight, and the pitch almost delivered, I am more than happy to be working late.

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