Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 206: no lolly on the trolly.

Ah the tinkle of the drinks trolly. What happiness and excitement that glass-jingling melody used to inspire in me. Tinkle tinkle, time to relax now, tinkle tinkle, you will soon be released from the daily grind, tinkle tinkle, and relieved of your capacity for coherent thouuuuuuuught. As a tune it could use some work, but man I used to dig it. Now alas, that trolly's got nuthin for me. It's just a big jiggling mass of sugar and brain killer. That's cool. I am actually very happy on my new vegan and sugar-free, plus usual alcohol-free buzz. There have been times in my life when a diet as spartan as this (actually the Spartans probably ate lots of meat and drank lots of wine, but if I recall correctly they were definitely very strict with themselves) would have been unthinkable, impossible and decidedly unenjoyable. But right now it's working fine. This dolly don't need no lolly from the trolly.

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