Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 196: Mexico a no go.

For the past few weeks, oil has been spewing out of a broken underwater pipe into the gulf of Mexico. You know this, the world knows this, I know this and have known this the whole time it's been happening. But for some weird reason it has taken until now for me to decide Mexico might not be the best destination for a beach holiday. Sometimes I'm a bit slow on my two and two makes three. In fact what it actually took for the penny to drop was my flatmate, who works in the news, telling me there were turtles washing up dead on the beaches of Acapulco. Acapulco isn't in the gulf, it's on the other side. So who's up for a dip? No? Thought not. Now obviously, where I swim doesn't freaking matter. The damage being done to the environment and its animal inhabitants (including turtles) is appalling. Not to mention Mexico's tourism industry taking another hit (gang violence, swine flu, now this). But it does mean I need a new destination for the final leg of my holiday. As problems go though, and under the circumstances, it's not what I'd call a biggie. I think I can probably work it out.

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  1. Claire, you could still do Mexico, but have a look at the Pacific Coast. The hey some great resort areas down the Baja Peninsula, great for surfing etc.......