Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 202: and then I had to sleep all day.

One minute you're all full of enthusiasm and ready to conquer your recording software, the next you're flat on your back. This morning when I woke to my 5.30am alarm, fully intending to go to yoga and get my week pumping, my throat felt unusually dry. I gulped down some water, and on lifting my head, registered that same dull yet somehow high-pitched headache I'd been ignoring all weekend. And the water hadn't helped; my throat was still raspy. Oh bugger, an illness. I toyed with going to yoga anyway to try and sweat the bastard out, but then the thought of standing on one leg trying to curl my head to my knee made me feel all weak and withering. I went back to sleep. And that's pretty much all I did all day; sleep, eat the odd thing and gulp down litres of herbal tea (nice and wet on the throat). So yes, another impediment to my musical progress but that's okay. Not that I'm relaxing on that front mind you. Having passed the 200 day point, it feels quite a lot like I'm on the home straight, careering rather rapidly towards my year's end. And what happens then? Judgment day. The day when I find out what I'm made of when alcohol isn't an ingredient. And I'm hoping to discover I'm made of something. So NMFA still applies (no more fucking around). Except for the odd time when I have to sleep all day.

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