Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 181: coffee is good, coffee is bad.

Thus far, over the course of my sober adventures, I have found a friend in coffee. It is the one unsweet beverage I have been allowed that also affords some kind of kick. It has helped me stay awake of a late evening out, and has given me something to look forward to of a walk to work, or a Saturday morning. Unfortunately, my singing teacher recently informed me that coffee is cactus for vocal cords. Bugger. I had been complaining of a croaky voice in patches, and it turns out coffee may have had a little of it to answer for. Coffee dehydrates you see, and therefore makes the voice box and throat less smoothly lubricated. It makes it dry and crackly. So is coffee of the menu now too? Well… no. I simply have too much other crap to contend with right now, without adding coffee withdrawal symptoms to the list.

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