Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 200: going places.

Well, well, the big two-double-o. For some reason, reaching this point feels like some kind of enormous achievement, although it is not much different to any other day. Actually though, maybe it is not quite like all the others. Not so long ago, for example, I had come to the conclusion that going out wasn't much fun if you weren't drinking, and so I wasn't really bothering with going out. But today, having had a very fun and inspiring night out last night, and with at least two events to fill this evening, I think I might be changing my tune. I don't really know what's changed, but lately I have just kind of started going places and doing things. Instead of thinking about doing them, I've just been jumping straight in and getting amongst it. And it's been really cool. I've seen some really cool art, watched awesome bands, been on boat rides, heard famous writers speak, hung out with lots of different people. What's more, and as I've already mentioned, I have reached a point with not drinking where I really truly couldn't give a damn. Waters and juices give me all the hydration and energy I need, and make me feel good. I am feeling more and more comfortable and relaxed socially without booze, and can stay out as long as the next guy, if staying out is worth doing. Maybe most importantly, the further I get through this mission, the more I feel like I am capable of doing absolutely anything. The impossibles are disappearing. It's a pretty exciting place to have arrived at. Yes my friends, I believe we might be getting somewhere.

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