Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 203: still ill.

Today I woke feeling worse than yesterday, having gotten up in the night feeling asthmatic, dry and inflated in the gland department. Sorry, illness doesn't make for the best reading (or living for that matter). I have prided myself on not getting ill for quite some time now, often skiting about how yoga keeps me well. Ah yes, but you see I didn't do yoga did I? Not at the crucial moment that would have tripped this lurgy before it got on its feet. Anyway, in an effort to get myself back into good enough shape to get back to the yoga room (and work, and recording, and the pleasantness that is life when you're healthy) I did only healthy things. Like drink lots of liquids, take copious quantities of vitamin C, eat soup loaded with garlic and green vegetables (sorry in advance to anyone who meets me and my garlic halo tomorrow), and read bits of my new book Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. Which I think I might read a little more of now, then get some more of the sleep I've been enjoying such a lot of, and then, with any luck, wake tomorrow feeling ill no more.

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