Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 172: crafternoon tea.

Today I partook of a curious activity and growing phenomenon: the crafternoon tea. In fact I have no hard evidence that it's a growing trend, but based on murmurings from girlfriends in various camps, chicks are getting crafty of an afternoon or evening and they're not afraid to admit it. Today's group was a selection of upwardly mobile professional and artistic females all of whom enjoy a little knitting, crocheting, hand sewing, embroidering, you know, making shit basically. Today was my first crafternoon tea, and as much as it might not sound it, it was cool. True my stitching was a bit wonky, and I'll probably have to re-sew that leaf on my patchwork cushion, but it was such a pleasant way to spend a few hours, chatting, eating nice things, stitching, both with a sense of purpose and no need to commit to any of it having a point. I loved it. And the other gals finished things off with Campari, blood orange and tonics. A very pretty looking end to an awesome afternoon.

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