Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 150: God Fridays are good.

Especially when you are off work and free to do exactly what you please. For me today this was early morning jogging with my brothers, followed by coffee and hot cross buns with three dollops of Grand Designs on Foxtel. And then a little book and hammock time. And then a little snooze time, and then a stroll in the park, all interspersed with the odd marshmallow Easter egg (not really allowed at this too early juncture) and several cups of tea. Lovely. Then I got an impromptu invite to my little brother's house where rugby was watched, various fun board games were played (including Cluedo!) and wonder upon wonders, almost half the people in attendance weren't drinking alcohol. There were definitely more bottles of sparkling mineral water, juice and fizzy than there were wine (which is miraculous for any kind of party my crowd is used to). And we genuinely had a hilarious time, which I've found of late to be increasingly easy sans booze. Adding to the general mirth of course, was the realisation that this was not Saturday, but in fact Friday. A very good Friday.

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