Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 154: remaining calm.

It is customary in these parts, on returning to work after a long weekend, to feel perhaps a little blue, upset or agitated at being confronted with one's apparent lack of freedom and the reality of having to do actual work. I didn't feel this way today. It is also usual, when working on a pitch, to feel mildly to extremely stressed about the volume of work to be produced in a quickly dwindling space of time. I didn't feel stressed today, not even a smidgen. It would also not be unreasonable to be freaking out at least a little, if one had a large and raucous party looming for which one must play host and had so far sourced next to zero house decorations or props. But no, today I was cool as a cucumber. Why? Me not know. Could be those vitamin Bs. Or the cumulative effects of 154 days of no booze to the brain. But hey, why freak out about why? Me, I'm just gonna roll with it brother.

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