Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 153: the deliciousness of days off.

Daylight saving ended yesterday at 3am, so this morning I had the extreme pleasure of waking at what felt like a very leisurely hour but was in fact, by the clock, still reasonably early. Sleep is something of which I have always been fond, but today's quotient was particularly delicious. It involved the getting up, the fixing of breakfast items, and then the returning to striped doona, sheet and pillow arrangement for reading, day dreaming and then actual dreaming during indulgent extra snooze time. But, as I said, having an extra hour up my sleeve meant none of this jeopardised my doing useful things with my day. And what a lovely day it was. It was made up of just the right combinations of rest, reading, music, socialising, exercise and some extremely minor taking care of business. And it finished with a delectable but still healthy roast dinner cooked by my brother-in-law, some happy niece and sister time and a pleasing craft session putting together the truly inspired party invitations for Georgia's fifth birthday (my sister's creative and motherly genius). And now I am tucked up in bed once more - early, hurrah - ready for one more chapter of book. Could today have been any more delicious? By my reckoning, I think not.

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