Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 155: stuffed boar's head.

With the pitch I've been working on all packaged up and presented, today I had a window to take care of a bit of pressing business. Like cutting out a large cardboard-mounted boar's head, sourcing planet pictures, tennis trophies, rocket ships and red knitted hats, and getting the ball rolling (finally) on booking my trip to NYC etc. It was good getting the party stuff happening, seeing as it is only two days away. And there's certainly a shitload more left to do, but never mind. At least working through some of my list made me feel calmer. Doing the other thing though, the going into the travel agent and getting quotes and looking at glossies and going WOOWooooeeeeooooeeoo! had the complete opposite effect. Suddenly I was excited and freaking and checking out hotels and thinking I should have been saving much harder all this time and thinking thinking and realising again that I will not be drinking martinis in Manhattan and... (breathing gap) .... now my head, much like the boar's, is stuffed with... stuff and plans and awesomeness. Woot.

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